This project stems from the fusion on the Silk road of precious Uzbek textiles and Italian Design. We strive to create a mix of culture and innovation, by revisiting their traditional textiles within our fashion design taste.

In particular, we use adras (ikat silk) and bakhmal (velvet silk), hand-woven in traditional narrow looms with multicolor pattern decorations, and suzani, their typical hand-embroidered tapestries.

All our garments are unique, wholly hand-made and numbered: a real fusion of their extraordinary local handicraft and the Italian creativity. The precious materials gain new life in our models.

The fusion is magic because it is a Harmony of cultures, traditions and art. Occasionally our creations are made even more precious by the magnificent colors that are painted on them by an Italian artist.

Our coats and jackets are cared in all details and for lining we use precious Italian wool products or refined silk fabrics from Uzbekistan, Japan, Italy or other distant countries, with the intent to create an invisible thread which ties together beauty from the whole world.

Client List

Able Jeans, Ann Taylor, Bloomingdale’s, Cole Haan, Emanuel Ungaro, Lord & Taylor, Nexxus, Nike, Nordstrom, Pantene, Target, Theory, Tommy Bahama and Tory Burch.


Grazia, Harper’s Bazaar KZ, L’Officiel (ME, Ukraine), Marie Claire, No Tofu, Schön!, Sportswear International, Vanity Fair Italia, Vman and Vogue Nippon.

Our Story

Our story tastes like turmeric, like Samarkand tea with star-anise and mint, like Turin chocolate.
Our story is a flight of colorful kites surfing the sky against the wind, driven by the pure hands of joyful children in front of the madrassa.
Our story runs in the sunset among the multicolored headscarves of women in the cottonfields, rests on silkworm cocoons and lands across the Alps on Turin’s baroque buildings.
Our story is interlaced fingers, ancient traditions mixed with the scent of future, eyes of women that recognize each other and each other choose forever.
Our story is pain, endurance, joy, airports, red eyes, drawing at night, courtyards,public squares in the heart of Asia and Europe, rivers… it is a Beatles song and a Chopin Nocturne.
Our story is a family that huddles around a dream, recognizing the overwhelming force of fashion, and merges in a storm surge handmade silk-way fabrics from wooden looms and Italian modeling, design, and creativity.
Our story is a challenge carried on by young and eager hearts with new ideas, a touch of madness, and the sheer passion you get only at twenty.
Our story is a challenge carried on by white-haired hearts with a touch of madness, and the sheer passion you get only when you’ve gone through life and you’ve seen it all, believing all the way.
Our story is a deep bow before Uzbek women, skillful embroiderers, talented, extraordinary, silent and forbearing artists.
Our story is tinted silk bundles hung in the raging sun of courtyards where children frolic and mothers create.
Our story is our tree-lined streets, our ateliers, our women bent on fabrics, the running pencil, the galloping imagination.
Our story is silk, cotton, atlas, adras, bakhmal, bekasab, velour, wool… all joining in a magic timeless dance.
Our story is sitting barefoot on the floor holding a scorching tea-cup among fabrics that fondle us and meet, and clash, and engage, and meet again.
Our story is Beltepà, a working-class neighborhood in the outskirts of Tashkent where we met in her humble home the sweetest creature: Nigora, a young woman with golden hands and a golden heart who has now left this world but keeps leading us ahead.
Our story is making our way upstream, believing that passion, hands, people’s value, art, time’s healing, and heart speak a universal language and be the only hope.